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What are 1P, 2P® and 3P
Patented by Maremmana Ecologia S.r.l., these technologies allow you to perform tank remediation and tank transformation from single to double wall.

How this technology operates
The transformation of the tank begins with the creation of an interstitial chamber within the tank, placed under vacuum and monitored continuously. This chamber is generated by laying a first polymer surface (1P), followed by the metal device constituting the structure for the future interstitial space and then by completing the system with a second layer of polymer (2P).

3P is an evolution of the 2P system and is applied to large tanks or to tanks with extremely delicate recovery characteristics; it can be applied to above-ground tanks in storage facilities and refineries using resins that can withstand temperatures up to 150 ° C.

The monitoring system (Leak detection) allows the continuous monitoring of the vacuum created inside the interstitial chamber. The monitoring meets the requirements set by the European Regulatory Framework UNI - 13160 - 1.

  • The 2P system in detail

  • The 3P system in detail

  • Operational and intervention areas
    Underground tanks at fuel retail points or hydrocarbon storage areas; underground tanks in the service industry; above-ground tanks (storage areas and refineries).

    - Enable the monitoring of the tank park with less invasive intervention and prepare to readily handle any critical environmental situations related to a perforation of the tank.

    - Full restoration of a deteriorated single-wall tank, avoiding its replacement.

    - Drastic reduction of processing time, due to rapid drying of the polymers.

    - Reduced cost of materials.

    - Fast return on sales for PPVV

  • CE certificate
  • ATEX zone 0 certificate