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What are Bo.Se.R. and Bo.Se.R. Ball
Bo.Se.R® and Bo.Se.R Ball are two devices used by Maremmana Ecologia Srl for the remediation of underground tanks, without any direct human intervention inside the tank. Operating since 2009, this technology offers a modern solution to these dangerous activities and can increase the level of protection and safety of the workers involved. The two technologies are in line with the ATEX requirements for interventions in "Zone 0" environments.

Thanks to its evolution, Bo.Se.R. Ball, this technology allows to operate on tanks with reduced-size manholes, in the presence of internal structures (bending, etc.).

Operating and intervention environments
Robotic tank reclamation applies to underground tanks ranging in size from 1 to 80 cubic meters, used for the storage of petroleum products.
The device enters through the manhole, after preliminary mechanical work has been completed. Even with small sized manholes or with tanks of low height, robotic tank remediation is still possible.

How this technology operates ?
These devices have pneumatic controls used by the operator to control their advancement and manage the sludge removal and cleaning devices (nozzles) from outside the tank. The optimization of the cleaning process allows for a reduced consumption of water, with consequent reduction in disposal costs. Thanks to a camera placed on the manhole, it is possible to visually check the cleaning and intervene in the most critical areas. All devices are ATEX certified and able to operate in environments classified as "Zone 0".

TThe Bo.Se.R. and Bo.Se.R. Ball systems do not require the actual entry of staff members inside the tank. This is the main reason that led Maremmana Ecologia Srl to the development of this technology. Other than this essential advantage, we can add the speed of the remediation process (about half the average time generally used). The reduced use of water thanks to the high pressure, leads to a reduction of disposal costs. The visual monitoring system guarantees maximum operational control as well as an optimal cleaning of the tank.

  • CE certificate

  • ATEX zona 0 certificate