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GIS.Co is the first platform designed specifically for storing and managing data related to contaminated sites. The program was developed through continuous interaction with service (geologists, engineers, chemists), managerial and legal personnel operating for years in the specific field of environmental remediation.

Site registry, conducted activities, points of investigation and sampling, analytical data, water table data, management of reclamation facilities, communications, are some of the information that can be managed in real time and shared among all authorized users.

The technical decisions taken allow GIS.Co management to provide the answers required by the industry. On-line data protected and always available, simultaneous multi-user operation, automatic management of complex analytic data management procedures, simple and innovative technical solutions for the management of analytical data, automated data import, dynamic workflow communications, managing multiple notification procedures for each site, are some of the innovative features of GIS.Co.

The geo-referencing of all data stored allows the sharing of data directly with GIS applications or the dynamic creation of shape files freely shared among all users.

GIS.Co offers the possibility of having a validated, shared, accessed, updated and dynamically geo-referenced database.

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