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What are IMPO1® and 2, IMPA IMIS

These patents by Maremmana Ecologia Srl allow the waterproofing of manhole shafts, of shafts under gas dispensers and of service areas. The technology allows waterproofing without invasive structural intervention, such as the demolition of the walls. In particular, the sealing of the shaft limits the costs arising from the continuous disposal of hydrocarbon emulsified waters that drain, stagnating inside the hatch and that must be disposed of by law.

Operational and intervention areas

Masonry manholes for underground tanks at fuel retail points or fuel storage areas; sewage wells at refineries; tanks for collecting cleaning water; service areas; wells under produce dispensers.

  • The IMPO system in detail

  • How this technology operates

    After the preparation of the interior walls of the well (sandblasting and grouting of existing fractures and of pipes' crossing points) a specific bi component cross linked polymer is laid (by spraying) and hardens in a few minutes, rendering the manhole a sealed environment.

    The sealing has a double effect, stopping the leakage of the stagnant water from the inside of the manhole towards the outside and therefore in the ground surrounding it, as well as the infiltration of water from the soil into the well through cracks and micro cracks in its walls. In a similar way, the IMPA technology also includes, after preparing the walking surface for waterproofing by means of a layer of fine-grained cement, the application of the sprayed bi-component polymer. The structural grip of the surface is guaranteed by the application of the polymer on a previously prepared surface with a special non-slip material.


    - Protection of environmental matrices around the manhole - Reduced disposal cost of hydrocarbon emulsified water - Ability to intervene without major structural actions.