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Maremmana Ecologia Srl recognizes safety as a fundamental value, essential to our definition of technical and commercial development guidelines. The company adopts all necesary procedures, defines operational activities and develops new technologies all with the objective of improving the level of protection and safety of its personnel and operating environment.

Maremmana Ecologia Srl adopts the EMES procedure called "LPS" Loss Prevention System. This procedure determines the general involvement of all business, management and operations functions, proactively facilitating collaboration with the field operations staff, thus becoming the cornerstone of prevention and control.

 LPS - Loss Prevention System - is the security system developed and proposed by Exxon Mobil, a procedure for planning and monitoring activities through which you can identify and analyze the associated risks and adopt solutions (operating procedures) and equipment ( devices) aimed at reducing risk. 

JSA - Job Safety Analysis - This is the central element and operational core of the LPS system. For each task, a thorough analysis of the operational steps to be implemented is made. For each step, associated risks are identified and solutions/actions are proposed for their mitigation. Maremmana Ecologia Srl analyzes all activities for each site, drafting the appropriate site specific JSA. This activity, conducted directly by the operating personnel, is overseen by the departments involved in the management of the LPS.

VRUM - Last Minute Risk Assessment - Basic tool of LPS. Conducted in the field before the start of each project, it highlights the activities to be undertaken and the associated risks, allowing you to raise the alert and attention level. To encourage a constant and immediate use of VRUM, the "Traffic Light" tool was adopted.

The effect of LPS is inherent in the sharing, between all the actors involved, of the analysis and definition of activities and operating procedures. For this reason Maremmana Ecologia Srl plans specific meetings in which finished activities are analyzed, future activities are evaluated, and effective operational and management approaches are shared.